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開始觀看《Tribeca 第1集
開始觀看《Tribeca 第1集

Tribeca 第1集
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Tribeca 簡介 Tribeca Synopsis

Tribeca》由 井上芳雄、浦井健治、山崎育三郎 主演的2016年日本電視劇。



底第三營業部能把麻煩事解決清楚嗎!?電視幽默音樂劇「Let's Go!第三營業部」以及歌曲演唱甚至是小短劇等等、所有的欄目都充滿著對“音樂劇的愛”!




NYPD: Teens Scaled Tribeca Crane - Tribeca, NY Patch TRIBECA, NY — Three teenagers scaled a 15-story crane in Tribeca on Sunday to take photos before police met them after they climbed back down, authorities ... (2017/03/07 0:10)

The Orchard Nabs Taylor Schilling Dark Comedy 'Take Me' Ahead Of Tribeca Debut The Orchard has acquired Pat Healy's directorial debut film Take Me, which is set to world premiere next month at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Spotlight Narrative section. Healy also stars in the black comedy opposite Orange Is the New Black's ... Deadline (2017/03/07 4:16)

Tribeca Film Festival Partners with New York Mag on Exclusive Print Insert As part of an effort to go digital in its sixteenth year, the Tribeca Film Festival is embracing the power of print. The March 6–19 issue of New York magazine, gracing newsstands all over the city today with a smiling, bearded David Letterman, includes ... Folio Magazine (2017/03/07 7:11)

Tribeca Citizen | Seen & Heard: Virtual Reality at the Tribeca Film ... Plus: The view from inside 187 Franklin's flaming fa�ade; skeleton at City Hall Park; Blue Ribbon Federal Grill signage; group show about. Tribeca Citizen (2017/03/06 20:47)

A New Building Proposed for White Street in Tribeca In the 1920s the city flattened a diagonal swath through three blocks of today's Tribeca, paving the way for construction of the Sixth Avenue subway and a southern extension of the avenue. In the wake of that demolition, several triangular lots were ... Tribeca Trib (2017/03/07 0:27)

The 8 virtual reality films I can't wait to experience at Tribeca Film Fest 2017 Today, Tribeca Film Festival shared the list of films and experiences that will be showcased at its Virtual Arcade and Storyscapes exhibitions. There are 29 virtual reality and “innovative exhibitions” in this year's batch of immersive filmmaking ... TechCrunch (2017/03/04 5:43)

Pricey Tribeca Penthouse Isn't Sky High - WSJ Most of the priciest new penthouses in New York sit 40 stories or more above sea level, with helicopter views of Manhattan Island. Not the one for sale at 70 ... Wall Street Journal (subscription) (2017/03/02 7:07)

Tribeca unveils Storyscapes, Virtual Arcade For the first time, Storyscapes and Virtual Arcade exhibitions will run concurrently at the Tribeca Festival Hub throughout the festival and kick off on April 21. The festival runs from April 19-30. Storyscapes selections include six projects from four ... Screen International (2017/03/04 1:51)

Tribeca Citizen | Huge Residential Conversion on Church Street That'll make for three construction projects in a three-block span (four in four blocks, if 56 Leonard keeps taking its sweet time). Tribeca Citizen (2017/03/03 22:28)

Huge Discount! J. Crew CEO Slashes $15M Off Tribeca Pad ... The sale is most certainly on. J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler has slashed a whopping $15 million off the price of his Tribeca loft after it languished on the market for ... Mansion Global (2017/03/01 5:45)

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